The OXIMOBI system for safe water everywhere

​Offering a large range of safe water everywhere (from a few litres to 240 m3/day), our solutions do not require any specialized skill, and only very little maintenance is needed. They are easily deployable on site and adaptive to available water quality. They produce either immediate disinfected drinking water or a disinfecting solution to treat large volumes of water or to clean hard surfaces.

A minimum of 20 ppm chlorides in the water to be treated is necessary to ensure a proper generation of hypochlorous acid or of chlorine dioxide. For waters with lower concentration, brine production equipment can be optionally proposed by BlueSense


The OXIMOBI 3000 system generates sanitized water in a sustainable manner. The autonomous drinking water disinfection system with it integrated power generator allows for the treating of an average of 3,000 litres per hour.

The systems can treat water with turbidity up to 100 NTU, and require no chemicals for daily operation if the water contains at least 50 ppm chlorides.

Same as the other technology in our portfolio, the system utilizes the chlorides naturally present in the water to generate disinfectant.

For its versatile applications, the systems are fully skidded unit on a robust galvanized steel frame.

Examples of applications are:

Disaster relief (quick response)
Remote (rural) water supply
Mining camps
Refugee water supply
Download the OXAQUA infosheet


The OXIMOBI 600 system allows for autonomous drinking water disinfection ​for (among others) quick emergency relief situations:

The system can produce ​600 litres of drinking water each day.

For its operation, the system is fitted with a filtration system, (ceramic filter – 0.22 µm absolute) in combination with an electrolysis cell, and either a solar panel (optional), a 12V car battery or a VAC 220 connection.

The water treated shall have a turbidity < 20 NTU and chlorides > 50 ppm.

Based on the above, the system treats drinking water for approx. 300 people per day, in a wall mounted device or as an autonomous flight-case version.

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