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HSD-Water specializes in water treatment solutions based on using an electrolysis process. This technology exposes the water to a low-voltage direct current that converts the available natural salts in the water into free chlorine. This chlorine kills micro-organisms present in the water, such as legionella and coliform bacteria. Therefore, this innovative technology is capable of supplying clean and safe drinking water without adding any chemicals to the water.

Together with our Dutch team and with partners in various locations all over the world, we will analyse your water quality problem, manufacture and deliver the optimal solution, and monitor online when necessary.

HSD-water | Member of HSD Associates

HSD-water is part of HSD-Associates, an innovative company offering technical solutions around the world. HSD not only devises, designs and realises water treatment solutions, but also elevator solutions on yachts and in luxury villas, mobile terrace systems or Launch And Recovery Systems (LARS) on Coastguard vessels. That, however, is not all HSD is capable of doing. Over the years, HSD has built such a large and reliable network that enables us to help you with solutions in other fields of business as well, to serve both technical and non-technical requests.

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