Beginning November 2016, HSD’s water department has been invited to attend the Legionella seminar on November 30th that has been organized for the hotel and leisure industry in Bali, Indonesia. This seminar will be hosted by WLN Indonesia, the Indonesian branch of WLN in The Netherlands.

During the seminar, the aim will be to inform the attendees of the threats of Legionella and the importance of analyzing the water that is provided throughout their buildings.

HSD has had the chance to present their electrolysis water treatment portfolio as being a sustainable and suitable solution to the bacteriological problems, under which also Legionella bacteria, inside building’s internal water networks.

Completed with a demonstration unit and practical examples, the presentation has been perceived to be interesting by the visitors. In the days after the seminar, HSD has visited various hotels to find which solution will be applicable to each specific case.


Please refer to the following link to find the brochure of our sustainable Legionella Prevention Systems.