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    OXAQUA: In-line water disinfection

    The OXAQUA System for in-line water disinfection

    HSD Water, partner of BlueSense™,  offers OXAQUA, a reliable and sustainable inline water disinfection technology.

    Based on the water electrolysis principle, OXAQUA can sanitize flow rates up to 10 m³/h without any addition of chemicals nor precursors such as sodium chloride and create a safe residual of oxidizer up to the end-user’s point of use.

    OXAQUA uses the chlorides naturally present in the water to be treated (concentration has to be above 20 ppm Cl-) to generate on site and on demand up to 2 ppm of free chlorine under the form of hypochlorous acid, a strong oxidizer known for the prevention of the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, algae and molds in drinking and hot water systems. It is also efficient against many pathogens, such as E. Coli or Legionella Pneumophila.

    On site Water Disinfection

    OXAQUA is a compact system, easy to install and to control, even on existing pipework for retrofitting or replacement of obsolete disinfection systems.

    It is easily operated through an intuitive control panel and monitoring of the performance can be done through the built-in data-logger (optional).

    Although it is generating a sanitizer, OXAQUA does not require any handling of chemicals, ensuring a minimum manpower and an extremely low carbon footprint.

    Maintenance operations are also limited and do not necessitate specific skillset or personal protection equipment.

    The core of OXAQUA, the electrolysis cell, has a lifetime of up to 8,000 hours of operation, and the power consumption of less than 500 Watts for 10 m3/h of treated water allows its installation not only on small to mid-size water supplies but also in remote locations such as islands, mountain sides or isolated communities.

    The equipment can be used indifferently for primary disinfection or for inline re-chlorination (boosting stations).

    OXAQUA is available in different versions depending on the flow rates to be treated (1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 10 m³/h) and can optionally be equipped with a communication modem and a chlorine sensor to adapt the production to the exact need of the water to be treated.

    Key benefits & advantages

    • On-site generation of disinfected water
    • Consistent chlorine production
    • Integrated chlorine controller
    • Production of a free chlorine residual
    • Need of only 20 ppm of chlorides
    • Low footprint
    • Efficient on Legionella spp.
    • Low production of by-products
    • No handling of hazardous chemicals
    • Easily fitted in valve chamber, no civil work required
    • Adaptive to most waters (surface or ground water)
    • No loss of chlorine strength, less adjustments of the dosage compared to Sodium Hypochlorite
    • Operation of the unit only when required (free chlorine level)
    • Treatment of the entire distribution network and security in case of contamination
    • Can be installed on hot water or air conditioning systems
    • No discharge of bromates in the environment, less chlorates and THMs ​compared to Sodium Hypochlorite

    Examples of applications

    • Primary drinking water disinfection (Private Wells, Municipal Supplies)
    • Chlorine boosting stations on drinking water networks
    • Top-up chlorination on private networks (hotels, resorts, hospitals)

    Downloads & pictures

    OXAQUA application principle