The OXAQUA system

Based on years of experience, HSD is proposing drinking and process water treatment solutions to the agroindustry. OXAGRI is an innovative system producing a chlorine concentrate through the conversion of a brine solution, simply using dissolved salt.

Numerous OXAGRI units are successfully installed on flower bulbs preservation and post-harvest water systems. Providing hypochlorous acid, they sanitize large volumes of water and drastically limit the risk of product
contamination (efficient on mold, fungi, invertebrates such as nematodes or flies, bacteria).

A standard OXAGRI unit can generate up to 12 kg of pure chlorine per day (in 1 batch of 2,000 litres) and requires only 3 kWh. Larger demands can also be met by adding a secondary unit to the main one.

On-site ECA water generation

OXAGRI is based on unique technology that offers on site and on-demand production of a consistent chlorine solution.

No sodium is entering into the chemical reaction, the pH increase of the treated water is reduced and no acid injection is required to balance it. Electrical conductivity is also maintained at a lower level than when using other traditional disinfection methods.

The main advantages can be summarized as follows:

No handling and storage of chemicals
Eliminate risk of toxic liquid chemical spills
No safety clothing or specialty equipment
No specific skillset or training of personnel required for working with chemicals

Examples of applications:

Due to the operationality and cost-efficiency of the system, the OXAGRI can be applied for numerous applications where otherwise chemicals are used for disinfection.


High flow rates of drinking water (water towers, poultry, cattle, etc.)
Waste water treatment plants
Flower bulb preservation
Industrial/process water disinfection
High needs of chlorine (agriculture, food production, cleaning of surafces and stables)
Industries that use big quantities of stored (process) water
Any other industry using chemicals for disinfection of equipment or surfaces

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