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    Sustainable water disinfection without using any additives 

    HSD Water is an official partner of BlueSense™ Water Care Solutions in the commercial development of the BlueSense™ Electro-Chemically Activated Water product portfolio. This portfolio contains the OXAQUA and OXIBLU products.

    The unique technology of these products is based on an electrolysis process in which a low voltage is applied between specialized electrodes.

    In this process, salt (chlorides) that is naturally present in the water is turned into an oxidizing & disinfecting agent HOCl.

    The water is sanitized by this process and a residual of additional free chlorine is generated. This residual value will protect a building´s internal distribution network (e.g. pipes & tanks) against micro-organism growth and will limit the biofilm development.

    Unique benefits of the technology:

    • Only use the naturally present chloride (salts), so no addition to water is required (chemical-free)
    • Systems generate a safe residual value of free chlorine in the water so the water keeps its disinfecting power while in storage or throughout the network, retaining water quality and ensuring safety at the point of use
    • Free chlorine generated is highly effective in preventing the spread of bacteria, viruses, algae and molds in drinking and hot water systems. It is also efficient against many pathogens, such as E. Coli or Legionella Pneumophila
    • No waste stream generated
    • No use of chemicals saves costs for dosing equipment, transport, handling and personnel training
    • No risk of overdosing or other accidents with chemicals
    • Low power consumption
    • Autonomous, plug-and-play and easy to retro-fit in existing water networks/treatment systems
    • Low maintenance
    • Low total costs of ownership


    In the wide range of potential applications we have categorized the products into:

    • Hotels and public buildings (point of entry / storage tanks)
    • Apartment/residence buildings
    • Industrial applications such as the disinfection of big quantities of water and also water / beverage bottling companies (in-situ chlorine generation)
    • Shipping market (water treatment on vessels)
    • Water supply to remote villages and mining camps
    • Emergency relief applications
    • Water disinfection systems for washing flower bulbs and other agricultural crops
    • Water supply solutions for poultry and cattle breeding
    • The consumer market (point of use)
    • Water dispensers

    The solutions: