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Sustainable water disinfection without using any additives

On a global level the availability of clean and safe drinking water is becoming increasingly important. Access to clean and safe drinking water, a basic human need, is not a daily reality for a few billion people on the globe. Fortunately the increasing global knowledge about improving water quality in a safe and cheap way is slowly but steadily spreading. In large parts of the world developing countries are looking for solutions that will assure the availability of a  supply of clean and safe water to the population. A common way of solving the current problems is by filtering the water, followed by treating it through the addition of chemicals. We think that these methods are not safe and sustainable – families, companies, hospitals, governments and other organizations are looking for alternative technologies that offer a sustainable supply of safe drinking water.

In solving the present problems we have added a newly developed innovative product range to our portfolio. These products use the electrolysis technology to treat water. By applying electrolysis we are capable of destroying bacteria without the use of any filters or adding any chemicals to the water. This allows us to produce completely clean and safe drinking water without requiring any addition of chemicals to the water.

The technology

Our product range is based on implementing electrolysis. Applying our special electrodes we are capable of generating free chlorine molecules from the chloride-salts that are naturally present in the water. Free chlorine molecules destroy micro-organisms present in the water, mostly bacteria such as legionella, without having to rely on adding chemicals.


In the wide range of potential applications we have categorized the products into:

  • Convenient, and control & maintenance-free, in-line systems for drinking water at the Point of Entry and the Point of Use
  • In-situ chlorine generating systems for the disinfection of surfaces and larger amounts of water
  • Water supply solutions for poultry and cattle breeding
  • Water disinfection systems for washing flower bulbs and other agricultural crops
  • Anti-fouling systems for industrial water supply purposes
  • Ballast water treatment in cargo vessels