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Sustainable water disinfection without using any additives 

HSD Water is an official partner of BlueSense™ Water Care Solutions in the commercial development of the BlueSense™ Electro-Chemically Activated Water product portfolio. This portfolio contains the OXAQUA and OXIBLU products.

The unique technology of these products is based on an electrolysis process in which a low voltage is applied between specialized electrodes.

In this process, salt (chlorides) that is naturally present in the water is turned into an oxidizing & disinfecting agent HOCl.

The water is sanitized by this process and a residual of additional free chlorine is generated. Those free chlorines will protect a building´s internal distribution network (e.g. pipes & tanks) against micro-organism growth and will limit the biofilm development.


Unique benefits of the systems:

  • Applicable & available globally (tropical/remote areas)
  • No use and movement of hazardous chemicals
  • No requirement for extensive safety protocols and schooling
  • Low power consumption
  • Low requirement of maintenance
  • Water retains sanitizing power through network (residual free chlorine)
  • Easy to install (plug-and-play)



In the wide range of potential applications we have categorized the products into:

  • Convenient, and control & low-maintenance, in-line systems for drinking water at the Point of Entry and the Point of Use
  • Legionella prevention
  • In-situ chlorine generating systems for the disinfection of surfaces and larger amounts of water
  • Water supply solutions for poultry and cattle breeding
  • Water disinfection systems for washing flower bulbs and other agricultural crops
  • Ballast and drinking water treatment in on board of ships